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Switching Focus: Stepping Back from the Store

Some of you may have noticed how little I've been crafting lately.

I had planned to revamp my store and launch new products. I was going to pump up the social media posts. I had planned and designed an ad campaign. I have so many product designs drafted. I ordered new supplies, made mockups and prototypes, took product photos, wrote marketing copy, became an LLC, researched business bank accounts, applied for craft fairs and pop-up markets...

Then COVID hit. Then Black Lives Matter became mainstream again.

Life as we knew it has permanently been put on hold. Things are different now. I personally have been lacking the creativity and drive that usually goes into making and selling jewelry, crafts, and accessories, even for personal use. I don't even wear jewelry right now because of wearing masks and only really leaving the house for work and groceries. The mindset is just not there. Sometimes, I just feel like lying in my backyard and letting the grass reclaim me. That's not very conducive to making funky rings and tie-dye tote bags.

HowtobeHuman is a passion project, so now that my passion has cooled a bit, I will be temporarily closing the store. I briefly considered hiring an assistant, but they would have to be working with me in person to ship from my inventory, and they would need to remove any listings that are not already pre-made. I don't want to keep it open and have someone purchase an item, only for me to have to cancel the order and refund their money because I don't have the bandwidth to make and ship a necklace. I'd rather not set people up for disappointment.

I set up shop on July 1st, 2015 (not counting the short-lived Etsy days), and it has been a joy to sell my wares to friends, fans of my favorite shows, and whoever stumbled across my little virtual stand. It's also been lovely going to craft fairs and interacting with all sorts of folks, especially kids! When a little kid gets starry-eyed because you have Gravity Falls-themed earrings that cost a fraction of their pocket money, it really warms your heart.

Eventually, I'll get back into the swing of things, but for now, I'm laying down my pliers, hanging up my glue gun, and putting away my resin. The drafts will remain drafts. The craft cupboard is locked. We will meet again.

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