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I'm available for hire! Be it freelance gigs/commissions, temp work, or a permanent position, my inbox is open. Not only can I multitask, but I'm also friendly and work well both alone and in teams.


If you're looking for talent to complete a project, I can be a great asset to your company in a myriad of roles:

  • Blogger

  • Copywriter/Interactive Copywriter

  • Digital Audio Editor

  • Digital Marketing Manager

  • Digital Project Manager

  • Digital Video Producer/Editor

  • eCampaign Manager/Email Marketer

  • Graphic Designer

  • Presentation Specialist

  • Podcast Host/VocalTalent

  • Project Manager

  • Proofreader

  • Social Media Marketer/Manager

  • Virtual Assistant

  • Visual Designer

  • Vocalist


Visit my LinkedIn profile, view or download my resume, and scope out the rest of my site to see my portfolio! It would be my pleasure to work with you.

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